Today my best friend is coming home from France! The last time I saw her I was crying, puking, and pregnant(almost a year and 6 months ago). So many things have changed and I can't believe I've made it so long without her!

Here are three reasons I love my Marnie:

1. When she first introduced herself to me during my first semester of college, I thought her name was Marty Klonklin, and continued to think that well into the semester, even though we were roommates. And then she told me her real name was Marnippolis.

2. She had enough guts to tell me that she didn't think I should marry Brian 3 months before our wedding.

3. She had a theory that clothes made women feel ugly and fat(all of the bulging and squishing), and invented Naked Alone Time, which she promised would make me appreciate my "womanly curves". And it did.

Oh, I have missed her! I am so excited and ready to welcome her home!

Here we are at my wedding....she decided Brian was good enough after all!

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Erin said...

I think you should write all about what your wedding was like and how you met your husband. and YAY for your friend coming home!