Comfy couches

I am on a mission to make my kitchen feel less kitchen-y(That is, my future kitchen, my current kitchen is pretty much in my living room, but not in the this-is-the-look -I'm- going-for kind of way) and I've always loved the idea of having a comfy couch hanging around. The kitchen is where everyone ends up anyway, you may as well have proper seating and I think it adds a great cozy feeling. This kitchen is little dark for me, but absolutely beautiful and brilliant.

via a little sussy.


Joslyn said...

i am totally on board with the idea of a couch in the kitchen!

Tracee said...

Hi Rach-

Ok, I am going to be needing some computer tips! I love your blog! Interested in teaching a class????
Maybe you and your mom could do a joint class, photoshop and blog tricks?
It would be a hit!