The March 2008 issue of Dwell is really great! I have never picked up a Dwell magazine before, mainly because I felt that our design tastes were very different and I didn't think I could find the inspiration I am looking for when I buy magazines. Holy smokes, was I wrong! This magazine is full of interesting articles, beautiful photography, and great ideas. They are passionate for change and they believe that we can make positive changes (small or huge) that can influence the world for good. I love people who are actively trying to find a better way to do things, especially when it is so easy to do what has always been done and buy into the "more-more-MORE" mentality. I really liked the editor's note, Homebland Security, this quote especially,

"Undesign, as I will call it, is a national virus. I am not talking about a dearth of starchitect structures and Eames chairs or a simple lack of style. I am talking about a vital carelessness, both programmatic and aesthetic. I am talking about a passive willingness to allow poor decisions to invade and govern our enviroment at every turn. Undesign is fed by America's all-you-can-eat-for-less mentality--another trip to the buffet even though we are stuffed--and too few question it, because why turn down another plate of popcorn shrimp when there is so much?"
-Sam Grawe

This house is 205-square-feet and oh-so-neat. Read more about it here.

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