I have always wanted a white kitchen, yearned I think might be a more appropriate word. I imagine myself in a stark white apron effortlessly cooking and baking delicious meals for my well-behaved, polo shirt and khaki clad children. Magically all of my dishes are perfectly matched and I have beautiful blooming buds on every gleaming stainless steel and marble surface.

And then I take a look around... My kitchen sink is stacked high with dishes from our small dinner party last night, we were too busy talking and laughing to bother with clean-up. Our table, counter and oven are covered with cupcakes, specks of cupcake batter and chocolate frosting because I had a killer craving for chocolate cupcakes. My daughter and I are still in our jammies. So imagine my delight when I found this kitchen. My dishes wouldn't look so out of place in the sink, the floor is begging to be littered with blocks and books, and chocolate cupcakes round out a breakfast of oatmeal and peaches perfectly.

Laid back, warm, and not too perfect.


images: White Kitchen via black eiffel
Green Kitchen via decor8


Joslyn said...

i've always loved that second kitchen...have it in my inspiration book.

Erin said...

I have given up on the dream of having a spotless house. My child will not allow it. I would rather sit down and play with my baby anyway. I really like the second one. It seems more cozy.

Anonymous said...

I want a white kitchen too...complete with marble white counter tops. Great idea with 2 toddlers & a hubbie who my children remind to use a coaster...I still want one. A diet of saltines & water anyone?? ;)