Cottage Charmer

Brian and I might be moving to SLC this fall, he has been commuting for the past 6 months and he refuses to drive through another winter. So, we have been debating on whether we should buy or rent. Rent prices in SLC would make it almost impossible to save for the down payment we need/want(unless we move to sex offender central), but buying seems like such a huge step!
I've been keeping my eyes open and I found this pretty little house. It is in Layton, which is a little too far north for Brian's commute, but I really like it. So, if you're looking to move and you like hardwood floors, fruit trees, and a quiet and safe neighborhood, this one is for you.

Check it out here.


Erin said...

How exciting for you! We looked at buying a while back and it makes you nervous, but it's so fun at the same time. That is such a cute house! I like the kitchen. I have never seen one like that before.

Rockin' Richins Fam. said...

Rachel, let me tell you a little somethin', house buying is SCARY! I coined the phrase, 'loan droan' when chaining myself to a 30 year debt. I seriously cried for like 2 days straight every time I thought about the papers I was going to sign. It Freaked me out! But,alas all is well-I am in love with my home, it was the best decision we made as a married couple thus far. I don't feel like I am dumping money into something fruitless, I am building incredible credit, my ward tries harder because they know we aren't leaving any time soon...the list goes on...it is a worth while idea!

GUNDY said...

Where's this sex offender central you speak of? -Just kidding.. That'll be cool to live up north. When are you moving to Portugal - or is that not in the plans anymore?

Tawny said...

From one fellow house marketeer to another. Good Luck. And I totally get the sex offender central. i hope you find your dream house so you can dream while you are awake!!