Motherhood and Guilt

I am having a hard time pulling together a wardrobe. I never thought I would feel so guilty about buying things that I need. The last time I spent serious money on clothes/accessories I was in college....almost 4 years ago. I was single, making pretty good money, and didn't even think of saving a dime. Today things a little different, I am married, a mom, and saving like mad for a down payment. Working from home also makes it easy to wear yoga pants and a zip-up hoodie every day of the week, and I'm having a hard time justifying using future "house" money for dark wash jeans that no one will ever see.

But then I think about Sela. I don't want her to feel that I didn't care enough about myself to throw on a decent pair of jeans or own a dress that I really, really loved. I don't want her to feel guilty about things that she needs, or wants, for that matter. I want her to feel confident, strong, and beautiful. I hope I can teach her by example to always be her best self.

In addition to the guilt, I am also having a hopeless time pulling together a decent outfit.... either it's been a little too long or internet shopping isn't for me. So I snagged these lovely ladies to use as inspiration....aren't they stunning?

photos from the The Sartorialist.


Charity said...

Hi, I'm Charity--I ride to work with Brian every day. And I read your blog--I hope you don't feel that's an intrusion, because it really keeps me entertained on long days at the office. I really like the stuff you put up on here. Anyway, I just felt like actually leaving a comment today to say that I support buying a few new wardrobe pieces here and there--otherwise you'll end up doing what I did which is (after years of not buying any new clothes) going out on a weekend-long shopping spree and spending lots of money on things you really don't need and then feeling even more guilty than you did before. And I really support what you said about wanting to send the right message to your daughter. Anyway... if you're looking for some cute clothes at lower cost I'd recommend Plato's Closet out by the mall in Provo. It's used clothing, but it's all in really good condition and for very good prices. Ok, now this long post from someone you do not know is at its end. Oh, and if you want to return the intrusion, my blog is johansenwest.blogspot.com

Erin said...

I know how you feel! It's so easy to splurge on something cute for the baby, but so hard to justify buying things for myself - even if i need them. I always tried to tell myself to wait for birthdays, christmas, mother's day... but sometimes that's a long time to wait for what you need. I think feeling cute is important and for me is a motivation to get out of the house more. So it's for a good cause! :) Are there local places that you like to shop?

The Askeroth Family said...

I can totally relate, I get this sick feeling in my gut every time I spend money on myself. Especially since I spend most of my time "just at home." But I have noticed that when I feel cute, I am much happier and have more energy to play with Caleb. I don't want my kids to look back someday and think of me always being in my pajama pants with fuzzy hair.