Old Friends, Story Time, and Beet Salad.

Whew, What a weekend! On Thursday night we had a small dinner party with our friends and old college roommates. I made spring vegetable quiche, asparagus, and peach and cherry tarts with Lemon Chiffon frozen custard left over from Sela's birthday party. This quiche was really good, but don't use the phyllo dough crust recipe...it was a disaster. Just a normal pie crust is faster, easier, and tastes so much better.
On Friday morning, Sela and I went to story time at the Provo City Library for the very first time, and it was great! They have singing, dancing, puppet shows, coloring, and stories, Sela loved being able to play with the kids and dance around, and I enjoyed a short break.

Saturday was a pretty busy day, I said goodbye to my favorite hairstylist, Alli, from Shep Studios. She is getting married and moving to Nebraska, and I almost cried. She saved me from ugly mom hair, thought I was cool (which becomes increasingly important the more un-cool I become), and was incredibly funny and sweet. Good Luck, Alli!

Sunday was a typical Sunday, wrestling an active baby who hates everything about church except the huge gym and dangerous staircase. We spread a blanket in the backyard, blew bubbles, and ate(or threw) grapes. I also made LOTS of beet salad. This is seriously the yummiest recipe, I have made it for almost every meal this weekend, and I'm having it for lunch. Yum!

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