10 Reasons I Love My Life

1. I have the sweetest, most thoughtful, and supportive husband in the whole wide world.  Brian is a wonderful father and a great companion. He funny, kind, easy going (which is why our marriage works, did I mention I'm re-decorating again?), and he lets me be "Queen for the Day" everyday.

2. I have a beautiful, sweet daughter who has completely changed how I love. She is brave, strong, independent, hilariously funny, and the best kisser around. She has given me the gift of motherhood, and has been with me as I experience the wonder and the frustrations that seem to come hand in hand. Motherhood is a beautiful, hard thing.

3. I am so lucky to have extended family so close. They are wonderful people who are always ready and willing to help. They are full of love for my own small family and I appreciate their talents, humor, and support.

4. There are many great opportunities available in my life. I am lucky to be able to accomplish my dreams and develop my talents through all of the many resources out there. There are so many classes, programs, and talented people willing to share.

5. I am surrounded by inspiring friends and community. My friends are always starting new businesses, seeking out new ways to learn, and creating. I also live in a beautiful place, we are always a short distance from a canyon, Red Rock country, and a park. 

6. It's spring!

7. I have a strong, healthy body.

8. Technology is constantly changing, improving and increasing the exchange of information, creativity, and ideas. 

9. The many amazingly talented people who are willing to share their ideas and their perspective with the world. I am blown away by their bravery and generosity as they set out to find a new and better way to do things.

10. I get to be me in my very own happy life.

I had a really great birthday weekend! Thanks to everyone for their super sweet birthday wishes and for making my birthday special. I'll post what we did later this week....right now I need to find my house underneath all of this birthday clutter!

Happy Monday!

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