Happy Hippie Friday

Many of you know that we live in an older neighborhood in downtown Provo. There are tree lined streets, unique old homes, and some of our neighbors have stories of the many changes they have seen in their 94 years of living in the same neighborhood, including driving cattle down 5th West. I love the deep lots, the giant old homes built on the corners, and being close to so many art galleries and shops.

Unfortunately, older neighborhoods are the first to become slums. There are older people who are unable to take care of their homes and yards, and when they pass away their children usually sell to an out of state landlord, who ends up either turning the home into a series of small, cramped apartments, or using it as subsidized housing, and they rarely do a background check.
Needless to say, these neglected properties are rented to individuals who do not invest in their communities and the houses are left in shambles.

So, when I found Richard Reynold's blog, Guerrilla Gardening, I was filled with inspiration for helping my own community. Richard basically just started planting flowers in neglected public spaces in London. His research on "illicit cultivation" and apathy toward public space inspired his book, On Guerrilla Gardening, A Handbook For Gardening Without Boundaries. His motto is, "Let's fight filth with forks and flowers!" And I honestly can't think of a better or happier way to give back to your community. Think of how fulfilling it is cultivate your own space, imagine how great it would be to make a lasting difference in a public space that you pass everyday!


julieeee said...

Hi Rachel. Sherry Cope's sister here. I love yr blog. I like to drop in and see all the pretties you post. So thanks. It makes me happy.

julieeee said...

LOVE Portland! I am positive you will too. When looking for areas to settle, check out Gresham and Boring. They are about 20-30 minutes out of the city and they're beautiful with great neighborhoods and homes. Damascus is also a little more country and gorgeous. A lot of people live in Vancouver and cross the bridge to work in Portland. Vancouver is quaint and charming. I think the housing is less as well (you end up paying for Oregon's "no sales tax" with your home and land). You will LOVE Portland though (hey you don't even have to pump yr own gas. its actually against the law). South Portland is also great-Lake Oswego is where the temple is located and its a really, really nice(though possibly expensive)place to live.
anyway-feel free to grill me with questions. I am happy to answer any or help out how I can. You are welcome to our couch (sorry, no third bed. Or second for that matter, unless you count the crib) when yr up! We do have an inflatable mattress :)
YOu can email me with any other inquiries-