Happy Hippie Friday

I'm really lucky to live in close proximity to the Beehive Bazaar. Little Miss and and I are going to swing by at 10 and stock up on Anne Made jellies and jams. We picked some up around Christmas time and they were gone in less than a week and we had NO contact information to get more. It was a long winter! My favorites where Apple Lavender and Spicy Kiwi, YUM!

I'm also going to use this as my Hippie Friday post...BUY LOCAL! To keep our local economies healthy we need to support locally owned businesses, farmers, and artists. With the recent food crisis I hope people are realizing how important it is to be able to obtain food grown in our own communities instead of relying on government/corporations to subsidize and import all of our food. It is a very delicate system that can't work forever, and it's also draining on our local economies.

The Beehive Bazaar not only strengthens the creative community by showcasing really talented artists, but it also cuts down on mass production, as many of the items are made from recycled

I hope to see you there!

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