Kiehl's is Kickin'

I just picked up these products this weekend and they seemed to have solved my yucky skin problem that always shows up during the change of seasons. The moisturizer is really fabulous for extremely dry climates, hot or cold, so hopefully I can keep using it during the winter.
Sela has decided to boycott sleep for the time being, and so I've been jumping on the band-wagon, too. My eyes have been puffy and exhausted for the past few weeks (14 months), and I've been in need of decent eye cream. Hello, Eye Alert! This is actually from the men's line, but it works like a dream!

( I apologize for the seemingly misplaced apostrophe in my title....)

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Tracee said...

The avacado eye cream from that line is awesome! A must have. And you have to try the Milk Honey & Almond Scrub. Love Love Love it!