Treading Water

When Brian came home on Friday night, we both just stared at each other; exhausted, frustrated, and numb. Working hard and getting nowhere has a funny way of stripping away feelings of security and leaving you empty handed. We have been trying to take "the next step" for months now, but have found it impossible. The harder we work, the harder it seems to make any sense of our situation. Relatives and friends kindly say, "You just have to take a leap of faith," our faith is ready and waiting, but we can't seem to find the right direction to leap. I watch others who have made the transition from poor college students to whatever it is they are doing now, whether it is grad school, moving into a house, a family, or their first real job, and I wonder what steps they took that we are somehow missing.

There are also so many options to choose from. We live in world where anything is possible. We often find ourselves trying to decide between the good, better, and the best choice, and worrying all along the way if we have truly made the right choice. It seems that all of the opportunities that have come our way have ended up feeling more like obligations, and put us right back where we started, albeit a little more discouraged.

So, I need your advice. How did you transition? Did you find there was a time where you were treading water, so to speak, before opportunity came a-knockin'?

ps it appears that my creativity has taken a break to allow room for a nasty head cold, so posting will be light. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow.

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Ryan Steph & Jackson said...

Hey Rach! It's a rough transition you're going through, I know all too well. But I'm glad that you're willing to put it all out there and accept advice you're family and friends can give you. If I could give you my two cents it would be to pick a few options of the things you'd like to do - study them out and com to one decision, pray about it. If you feel good, do it. If you don't - repeat the process. Good luck! I am sure all will work out just great!

Rockin' Richins Fam. said...

I wish answers would come from the giant blimp with the enormous markee spelling out exactly what we should do, although it seems for some people that is exactly what happened for them, but for the rest of us it honestly is the step into the darkness that got us from A to B. We were given choice so we could choose. It is entirely up to you. It seems you are being trusted to make your own decision. It's not like when we were in high school and the choice was alcohol and popularity or soda and loserville. Your options are all good, take the step-it's scary as all get out-but worth it. I have faith that whatever path you choose will be the right one for your family. You'll see. :) Love ya! oh, and get feeling better.

The Askeroth Family said...

I have absolutely no advice - just wanted to tell you that we are in exactly the same boat! :)

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