Happy Hippie Thursday + Friday

Remembering 9/11 has me at a loss for words. How do I go about talking about something so painful, fearful, intensely personal and at the same time so intensely universal? 

The only words that seem to suffice are,

Thank you.

Thank you to every person that believes that peace, beauty, freedom, and love are basic human rights, and not just privileges reserved for the privileged. Thank you for fighting for those sacred rights in your own homes and communities everyday, and for teaching whatever children happen to be in your life that tomorrow can be better, really truly better,  if we open our hearts to the world and reach out with kindness and humility, instead of turning our backs because of our fear and ignorance.  

Here's to creating a peaceful tomorrow through the compassion of today.

I'm taking a long weekend, so I won't be seeing you until Monday. Thank you for reading + sharing, and Happy Weekend!

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