More Breathing Room

The Swan family has officially lightened their load!

Our yard sale was a bit slow going, we made about $50 and I was worried about hauling everything to the donation center, but then we posted a FREE sign and everything disappeared in minutes. Even the broken futon frame. And the ancient, incredibly heavy and awkward treadmill.

FREE signs are magical signs in this neighborhood.

We spent the entire weekend moving, and cleaning, and rearranging, and now we are exhausted. But organized(ish). One more bottle of cleaner and another trip to the donation center and we will be clutter free!

Sorry there aren't any photos today, I was so anxious to get started that I completely forgot to take pictures. Since I'm always sucker for a good before and after, you can only imagine my disappointment. I'm taking the photos this afternoon, so when I post them tomorrow you'll just have to imagine the disheveled horror that once was our apartment.

In meantime, you should check out Yard Sale Bloodbath, it's a hilarious blog all about yard sales, the crazy things/people they encounter, and their sweet finds.

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Charity said...

I need help with my disheveled horror. Ugh. It just gets worse by the day. Glad everything went successfully for you guys--and the living room looks delightful.