Photos, As Promised


Here are the photos of our new clutter-free living room! So sorry they are so crazy and so few, I was balanced on my antique rocking chair, back pressed against the farthest wall from my subject, with my daughter clamoring up my leg...

I'll try again soon. Hopefully during nap time.

Speaking of homes, I've been meaning to post about Joslyn's groovy+super inspiring home. She is a seriously talented lady, and she sometimes reads my blog and leaves the nicest comments, which makes me happy :)

So check out her house here.
and her pretty pretty blog, Simple Lovely, here.


The Askeroth Family said...

Wow - can I just tell you how depressed I am about how my apartment looks now that I've seen pictures of yours? That looks incredible, just the type of place I would love to sit and read a book.

rebecca carter said...

you inspire me- up since 1 a.m. looking for some "clearing of the mind" and found it.

I am so incredibly proud.

love you-


Rachel said...

It looks lovely! Isn't it satisfying to get things cleared out? Now I'm inspired to take some pictures of my weekend room clean up and get them up!

Joslyn said...

you are too kind! your living room looks great. you've inspired me to have a garage sale later this month.

You are my fave... said...

I love the white couch and yellow wall.