Happy Hippie Friday

Good morning, my friends!
I'm sorry I've been so sketchy this past month, I've been a busy lady(and slightly disenchanted with blogging), but I'm back. My sketchiness is going to continue for a bit, as we are in the process of moving!

Hip hip hooray!

I promise to check in once in awhile with a few little pretties, but I probably won't be back in the swing of things until November-ish.

But today I have lots to share!

First up, this GREAT list of 15 Must-Read Books That Will Forever Change How You See The World that was posted this morning on Simple Lovely's Blogger's Favorites. Sara Ost of Eco Salon has really great picks this week! I've only read a few, so I'm excited to read the rest!


Sara said...

Thanks for the kudos, Rachel! :)

Charity said...

congratulations on finding a new apartment... hope that you guys really like it there and everything works out :)

Tawny said...

Glad you are back, good luck with moving!! I will check out the must reads. Love you