Happy Hippie Friday

Good morning!

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally see Friday! Whew! I spent a good part of yesterday getting stitches in my pointer finger, so blogging is a little, um.....painful, to say the least. I did, however, want to share one of my current favorite books, Eat Pray Love. So good.

This is such a lovely book. It's heartbreak, sorrow, hope, pleasure and love, all wrapped up nicely this beautifully sweet story about starting over.

Give it a read, it will make your heart happy, I promise :)


You are my fave... said...

I've already read it but now I feel like reading it all over again. It's one of my favorites.

RachelSwan said...

just wanted to google my name and i saw we both have the same name Rachel Swan and i thought that was neet...lol