Do you want to hang around my place for awhile?

These Jamie Shelman prints are gorgeous, no? I'm picturing them in my kitchen, bringing light + color to the dreary days of January. They would make the perfect Christmas gift, or birthday gift(but my birthday is in May, much too late for January brightening). Maybe a Thanksgiving gift or some other random, surprise day where you give lovely gifts!

p.s. I'm on a sugar hiatus until the new year, except for holidays, of course. They only problem is that I keep trying to come up with holidays or reason for celebration so I can eat cookies + truffles + ice cream. I'm thinking the random, surprise day where you give(or receive!) lovely gifts would be the perfect time to celebrate with sugary sweet foods.

p.p.s. Speaking of sugary sweet, I made these snickerdoodles today, absolutely divine! And Sela can't for the life of her remember how to say 'snickerdoodle'....sneakerpoodles, puddlesqueaks, snideypups, kickerdoods...hilarious, my friends, hilarious.

Jamie Shelman's prints seen on Mrs. French's lovely blog, Bliss.

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Brian said...

Those Chinese comments are pretty awesome...

I think you should probably update your blog - a lot has happened since November.

I love you!