a summer list

-sleep outside x
-watch fireworks x
-go to a parade x
-make/eat homemade ice cream xx
-go to the beach
-have a farmer's market picnic xx
-go hiking xx
-take the top off the jeep + picnic in the mountains
-make popsicles(these ones! they will blow your mind.) x
-swim in river or stream xxx
-make lavender lemonade x
-read the adventures of huckleberry finn, travels with charley, + dandelion wine
-pick berries x
-make jam(i made apricot lavender this weekend, so good.) x
-make a teepee
-go to an outdoor concert
-have my morning tea + breakfast outside before the babes wake
-go fishing
-make a summer playlist x
-watercolor outside xxxx
-ride on a ferris wheel(today!)
-swing x
-make sun tea
-move the mattress outside and cuddle under the stars x
-eat cotton candy
-take walks after dinner xxxxxxxx
-visit a photobooth

gorgeous photo from the light fantastic, her shop is filled to the brim with inspiration. check out more summer lists here and here .


Emily said...

great list, you know Steinbeck is my lover on the side right? Travles with Charley is such a perfect little read. So I added the cookbook to my food post in hopes you would check it out (Feeding the Whole Family) I think you'd really enjoy what it has to say + its very vegetarian friendly!

Rachel Swan said...

I added Feeding the Whole Family to my list of cookbooks to check out. I love the Nikki McClure cover - she's amazing. Have you checked out The Moosewood Cookbook by Molly Katzen + Jamie Oliver at Home? They are both excellent. The Art of Simple Food, by Alice Waters is also a favorite.

Do you think you + your darling will ever move back to SLC? It would be great to be real life friends, I think.