"We're best friends forever, Grahamy," she sings as she pulls his soft round head into her chest, just a little too tight. "Best friends forever," she whispers into the sweet baby creases of his neck. His half-hearted protests turn into monosyllabic shrieks and shouts as he pushes her away, hands spread like small chubby stars on her belly. She holds tight just a moment longer, stealing a wet, loud kiss before releasing him. As he pushes himself to standing, she closes her eyes and whispers, "forever, forever, forever," quietly to herself.

Watching from the doorway, I close my own eyes and send a silent petition to the gods of childhood pacts, promises, and pinkie swears, "Please, please remember. Forever, forever, forever."

hello, friends! how is your tuesday? i'm trying my hardest to record some of the sweetest moments from our days, hope you don't mind. we had an excellent weekend: lots of visits with family, lots of yummy food, and even a ride on a giant ferris wheel:

it was fun. super fun. hope your week is a lovely one! xoxoxox


Emily said...

I hope that you continue to write, whether its public on the blog or privately in journals. I secretly curse the universe for not giving me the talent for creative writing but giving me a great appreciation and love of it. As I like to say, "I'm a reader, not a writer" when the subject come up, as it inevitably does with a BA in English. Use it lady, keep going, your words are beautiful. Also, sweet photos.

Rachel Swan said...

thank you, em. i LOVED my creative writing classes in college, and haven't really had a reason or space to continue writing since then, but i've been feeling the pull lately. i think you're an excellent writer, and crazy for thinking otherwise!

Emily said...


I think you'll like this. I really love the 2 animated story corps videos, i'm excited about the upcoming ones.

Rachel Swan said...

love this. I heard about this on NPR a while back, but I've never seen the website or the video. Have you ever heard of the book, I Thought My Father Was God, from NPR'S National Story Project? Check it out - I think you'll like it.

*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

Soo precious. Thanks for sharing!