love your body

I've spent the morning watching all the videos for The Body Image Project; so great, so real, so important.

I get all teary when the woman says, "I'm supposed to hate it!" Why is it so difficult/impossible to make peace with our bodies? I'm so in this place right now; trying to love, listen, and just live authentically in this body that has been through two pregnancies, birth, and breastfeeding. My body is drastically different from what it was just 4 short years ago, and I'm having a hard time accepting + loving the saggy skin and stretch marks.

Don't you want to hug all of those beautiful people and let them know they are perfect just the way they are? And tell their grandfathers/aunts/friends to lay off? Sheesh.

Also, this photo:

Beautiful, right? Lizzie Miller is my hero.

both links found on Audrey Brashich's interesting blog, I've loved every single post. Did you know she is doing a yoga challenge? 365 day of yoga. so cool.

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Sherry said...

I've been feeling the same way about my body lately, which is weird because I've always had a healthy body image and I'm actually losing weight right now.
We just had a woman move into our ward who is a Grandma (she's upper fifties at least), but looks around thirty and has the body of a highschooler. She runs marathons, does ballet, bikes and hikes on weekends. I hope to be so active when I have time to myself.