mumford & sons

Yay for banjos! Loving their fresh sound (or is it old sound?) + cute accents.

via black eiffel. also, miss em recently posted this she + him song and I am in love. I was previously convinced I didn't have the bangs or ironic mustache ( or buddy holly glasses, high-waist skinny jeans, vintage pumas...) to listen to and appreciate she + him. so glad I was wrong :)


(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

This is a really fun song!

Emily said...

Funny enough, I have been on a banjo kick lately. It's pretty easy to find banjo music in Tennessee :). My neighbor at the old apt used to play his banjo out on the font porch.. for real. It was awesome.
True, Tyler and I were making jokes at the Birmingham S&H show about busting in on the UofAlabama English Dept. social, but one of the great things about their show in Savannah was the audience was equal parts older people, SCAD students/20 somethings, and mothers with their kids. You were totally wrong friend :)