On Monday I finally tried Susan's tutorial for turning regular (or bootcut - I swear all girl toddler jeans are bookcut!) toddler jeans into skinny jeans. It is super easy + addicting, it was hard to stop at just one pair! I think I'm going to tackle a pair of my jeans next; it's so impossible to find skinny jeans with a high enough rise + since I'm constantly bending over to talk to and pick up my littles, I need something that will cover my bum.

super blurry photo by me. obviously. i think sela's stance is so hilarious, i just had to post it here. at that exact moment she was telling me how she hopes she gets a hot air balloon for christmas, and not to worry because she is going to keep it tied to the swing set when she's not flying around checking out all the roller coasters in china. big dreams in that little body of hers. big dreams. xo.

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