a fall list

-make applesauce + serve with vanilla ice cream (my favorite fall treat!)
-go to a pumpkin patch
-make a playlist
-decorate for Halloween
-take long fall walks
-German bakery on Friday mornings
-go trick-or-treating
-light candles when the sun goes down
-go on a Sunday drive to check out the changing leaves
-switch up my yoga practice
-enjoy the last few weeks of the farmer's market
-make pumpkin soup in a pumpkin shell ( I've been waiting to try this recipe!)
-celebrate Dia de los Muertos
-buy new shoes
-roast root vegetables
-have a homemade doughnut making party ( do you have a deep fryer? I'll totally invite you if you do.)
-finish sewing our Halloween costumes
-hang out on the beach for an entire week (we leave on Friday! Hooray!)

gorgeous photo by the excellent mrs. french.

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