pretty papers

We've been having an awful lot of conversations about "home" over here. I've been scouring blog-land in search of inspiring rooms for weeks, bookmarking the best + making mental notes. We have finally decided on a new sofa (from Ikea. I know, I really want something pretty + curvy + wrapped in peacock blue velvet too, but washable + cheap kind of win out in this chapter of our lives.) and a nice big bookshelf that will take up an entire bare wall in our living room. And since we are renting and can't hang gorgeous floral wallpaper all over every single wall (my dream of dreams. okay, so not every single wall. just behind our bed. and in the guest bath. and maybe in Sela's room....), I'm thinking of lining the back of the bookcase with something pretty.

Dreamy, right? Do any of you have experience with hanging wallpaper? What about hanging wallpaper in a bookcase? Please say yes and that you live next door and are excited + willing to help with this crazy project, because I already know Brian is rolling his eyes + shaking his head + is seriously doubting whether our marriage could survive hanging relatively expensive (floral!) sticky paper (that has to follow a pattern!) inside a squishy, cramped space.

Did I just scare away all of my helpful internet neighbor buddies? Yes?

p.s. I just had to throw this in:

the blooming filigree mural in all its glory. hello, perfect for the sunny entryway that i don't have...

all images from anthropologie. and for the record, I don't blame brian for not being super stoked about helping me with my crazy projects. i tend to be a little bossy +  magically disappear when things start getting tricky, only to return in time to wrinkle my nose + and mumble about how he did it wrong  - yeah, i'm probably the worst project partner ever. anyyyyywaaay - thanks for stopping in + have a happy day, okay? ox.


Hayley said...


They do some of this wall paper on book cases or hutches and it turns out lovely! I bet you can find some help there, or e-mail the lady and ask her. GOOD LUCK! Post pics when you are done!

Emily said...

I asked Barb Blair of Knack about applying paper (any type) to furniture once ... she told me modpoge, then seal with a poly. I'll try to remember to dig out her email (or comment, I dont remember which) and send it your way. btw I love these anthro florals. I really love the first one... also, I just purchased enough Chaing Mai Dragon fabric for my chair... I think ima take you up on posting my way through first time DIY upholstery with much too expensive fabric :) we'll see if project #2 with upholstery ensures... I would love to come and help you + drink tea + eat your delicious foodstuffs.

also, thank you for your sweet words! fall is doing something to me, I'm moody and reflective, which is good, but I'm feeling overwhelmed... I need a goal...

Kandice said...

I'll help! Sounds like an awesome project. Maybe one evening when we won't have 5 littles around to "help" as well. Either way I would love to see the finished product.

Emily said...


ModCloth now sells temporary wall paper,aka pretty paper with a sticky adhesive backing.

Rachel Swan said...

ladies, ladies, ladies...what would I ever do without you?
Hayley: great link, pretty lady! thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be posting pics if things turn out.
Em: gorgeous temporary wallpaper link, thanks for the link! i'm anxious to watch your upholstery project unfold, are you nervous?
Kandice: I laughed out loud when I
realized that you DO live right next door + are always willing to help! Can you imagine the two of us attempting this with all of our wild children running around. absolute chaos!

As always, thanks for your sweet comments + links. I love hearing from you! oxoxoxoxo