hair crisis

I'm have a bit of a hair crisis these days. I've been ever so patiently growing out the sleek, shorty short cut I've had for the past few years into (what I hope!) will be gorgeous, messy, long, perfectly imperfect waves. But, I am reaching a breaking point, my friends. My hair is just below my shoulders and I've been sporting a flippy Jennifer Aniston circa 1996 hair style for the past few months, and I. JUST. CAN'T. TAKE. IT. ANYMORE.

 Promise me the ugly is almost over? Please? Okay, fine...I'll just keep looking for gorgeous photos of gorgeous dream hair + hope they are enough motivation to help me stick it out.

all images spotted on my favorite spots, kelly, mary ruffle, and audrey hepburn complex.


BriannEm said...

It's taken me two years to grow mine out from a little longer than chin length to to where it is now. You'll get there!

Emily said...

gah. gah. gah. gah. You're in the thick of the worst phase dear. That phase, the one you're in, the Jennifer Aniston/hair tucks into the back of your shirt phase is the worst. During my growing out hair time, I wore lots and lots of headbands/scarves and, honestly, I pulled my hair up all the time, it's the only way I could handle it. Low ponys and buns and the head scarf... It took me about 2 years as well to have long locks, only to chop them off a year later...