halloween 2010

I love Halloween. With the themed costumes + dry leaves blowing across the sidewalks + too much sugar + lipstick on little girls + dark chilly nights + painted faces + glowy jack-o-lanterns + the enthusiastic TRICK-OR-TREAT! choruses + hand-me-down costumes that are just a little too big or too squished or too worn. I love it. All of it.

This year was no different. We made paper pumpkins for the front windows + bats for the walls. We made homemade donuts + soup with yeasty rolls + took long fall walks. We carefully planned our costumes (Goldilocks and the Three Bears, after Sela's favorite bedtime story), + I spent the entire month of October sewing + collecting a red gingham apron, funny hats, snowy white eyelet, + bright red tights. Everything finally came together just in time, including the tiny white buttons quickly stitched on the night before.

And then it's an hour before go time + Graham pukes everywhere. Quickly I put all  my visions of family themed cuteness far far away + try not to let my disappointment show as I help Sela into her special blue dress + button her pinafore. We wave good-bye to Graham and Brian as we head out into the freezing rainy night and make it exactly 2 houses before Sela starts clutching her stomach + crying tummy ache. Sigh. Warm jammies, comfy beds, and early bedtimes for everyone. Happy Halloween, sicky heads.

Although it wasn't exactly what I had envisioned (is it ever exactly what we envision?), it was a good time. My kids ended up with plenty of candy + we are still reeeeeeeling from the sugar high. I'm pretty sure it's making us all a little crazy, case in point:

So...how were your Halloween adventures? Pictures, links, super cute costumes I have to see? Send them my way, dearies, I would love to take a peek.

all of the sweet photos were taken by my mama. sela's dress + pinafore made by me (with lots of help from my incredibly patient sewing teacher, margaret). and that peter pan collar? probably my greatest achievement of the year. graham's hat was purchased from our local grocery store, which randomly had a bunch of really cute animal hats hanging on an end cap. baby graham's costume was going to be a little more bear-ish, but i ran out of time. the overalls are cute though, right? see you on thursday, friends! xo.


(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

I love this last pic of Sella and Graham...it sums up halloween really well!

p.s. the dress turned out perfect!

Emily said...

STOP IT, Rachel, that's too sweet. I'm majorly impressed with your sewing skills. You have the most adorable babies.

Hayley said...

LOVE the costumes, that is such a cute idea! Last year they were adorable too if I remember correctly, great job on the sewing!

BriannEm said...

I wish we hadn't been feeling poorly too! They look adorable. Personally I love overalls. They should come back into style. ... Maybe not. But still they look perfect.

Anonymous said...

Your family is TOO cute! What great Halloween costume coordination. Love it!

Lauren said...

HA! I love it!

And I think Sela looks like Gwen Stefani in that lipstick. I mean that in a good way. Not in a your-three-year-old-looks-like-a-trendy-hooker sort of way. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Swan said...

Lauren: I can't believe you called my three year old a trendy hooker. I'm totally telling her when she's older. or maybe tomorrow. we can just add "trendy hooker" to the list of already age-inappropriate words she loves sharing at church + school.

Everyone else: Thank you for being so kind! I'm happy I was able to show off my cutie kids in their costumes since Halloween was such a bust. Thanks for humoring me:)

Leigh said...

Oh my goodness. I am DYING!!! Those are the cutest costumes ever. Period.