gift guide : for the most adorable little dude around who loves to cuddle up close and has the best belly laugh

because i can't stop picturing how cute your chubby belly would look in that banker's vest :: this is the most awesome book ever

so we can take graham jams to a whole new level :: the funnest kids album out there and it's all for a super sweet cause :: are you kidding me with these blocks? genius.

finger puppets in pairs - perfect for the siblings who can't seem to share :: for the little boy who knows his animal sounds. i can't wait to hear what you think a xerus says...


Lacey. Kellen. Beck. said...

I want the little red piano so bad it hurts! Cutest thing I've ever seen!

Rachel Swan said...

I know, right? We have already finished Christmas shopping or I would have totally tried convincing Brian that we need it - maybe for Graham's birthday?