a winter list

-take the train downtown to see the lights
-make sugar cookies with the kids
-take time to be still
-finish the Sela + Graham's quilts
-take winter walks
-write new year's resolutions
- make lots of yummy soup + fresh bread (this is my favorite whole wheat recipe)
-light candles every evening
-sleep under the Christmas tree
-make homemade peppermint marshmallows
-make a big pot of fondue on New Year's Eve
-do something kind for someone else
-send Valentines
-host a Febgiving Feast
-make a snowman
-download Handel's Messiah
-start printing off + organizing our family photos (i love these kolo albums.)
-take Sela on a mother-daughter date to see Tangled

image by cerloz via joanna


BriannEm said...

Ooh I want to come see tangled!

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...


Rachel Swan said...

V: It's Thanksgiving in February! Doesn't it sound perfect? I'm always a little sad during that time of year, and I kind missed Thanksgiving this year because I was so sick - so we are definitely having a Febgiving feast!