thrifted : cowboy shirt

I found this awesome vintage cowboy shirt for Graham this past weekend, and I can't even tell you how much I love it (and how much Brian does not love it). He looks especially adorable when he wears it with no pants, red moccasins, and his chubby legs. Baby boys are the best.

We have family pictures coming up soon + I've been busy gathering sweet little clothes for my babes to wear, and I think this will be perfect for our Valentine theme. I love sending Valentines to our family + friends instead of Christmas cards, mainly because I have more time in January to pull everything together, but also because I just think it's a sweet tradition.

I'll post the photos + finished Valentines after I finish them up + send them out, so be sure to check back!

Hope you're having a happy Wednesday, friends! xoxoxo


The Askeroth Family said...

CUTE! I love the Valentine's idea. Does Grant wear a 3T?! That's the size Caleb wears!

The Askeroth Family said...

And by Grant I mean Graham. ;)

Rachel Swan said...

This shirt is a bit big on him right now, but a lot of vintage sizes are on the small side - I would say it is closer to a 2T.

Oh, and don't worry about calling him Grant, my Grandma still thinks that's his name!

Emily said...

Did you get a fancy new camera? Your photos are rockin these days. Tell me your secrets!

Andrea said...

What a brilliant idea to send valentines instead of Christmas cards! And that shirt is perfect!

So, just last night Casey was asking if I liked the name Graham (you know as a contender for a future child's name)... and I said I LOVED it. Just thought you should know that it's an adorable name.

Rachel Swan said...

Em: No fancy camera here. I've just been trying to catch all of the (very limited) natural light I can, and somewhat creative cropping.

I'm glad you think they are looking better! I'm hoping to learn how to take decent photos this year, and then maybe I can justify a fancy camera.

Andrea: Thank you! Graham was the only name that both of us liked. It's so hard for us to agree on boy names for some reason!