anna lappé: yoga, food, and activism

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Earlier today, as I was thumbing through my March issue of Yoga Journal I came across a beautiful and powerful essay by Anna Lappé and was incredibly moved by her words, specifically this excerpt:

"Like yoga, activism is a practice.  There are days when you stare setback in the eye. Yesterday you held Handstand; today your legs feel like lead. On those days, I remind myself that sometimes what feels like a setback is really preparation for a big leap forward.  And that progress isn't a neat linear path.

"As we align our daily choices with our environmental values, we shift our sense of self.  The German physicist Hans-Peter Dürr said that once we understand ecology, we see 'there are no parts; there are only participants.' While our efforts may vary in size and strategy, they're all about shifting our mindset to see ourselves as active participants in shaping the future of food. When we do this, we see our food differently."

And now I've spent the entire evening finding out all there is to know about Anna Lappé; from her books, to her roots (her mother is Frances Lappé, author of Diet For a Small Planet), and even her wonderful blog, which is full of great articles and thought-provoking videos, including this one I found particularly sweet entitled Nourish Means... where you will see many familiar faces (Jamie Oliver, Alice Waters, and Michael Pollan, just to name a few).

Isn't that beautiful?  I think everything I truly believe about wholeness, awareness, and community is summarized perfectly in this short clip.

"What nourish means to me, in the really grand sense of the word, is attending to one another in a way that encourages one another to live well."

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Emily said...

so great. it feels honest and not too sanctimonious, which feels right to me. feel good post.