while i was away...

I did a bit of special + secret (shhhh!) birthday sewing.

Including this tiny little quilt that has forever changed how I think about quilting.

I bought this album and think I definitely get a better cardio workout from my cleaning the living room/dance party routine than I ever did from the boring hours I logged on the treadmill.

"Rumor has it, ooooh,
 Rumor has it, ooooh,
 Rumor has it, ooooh..."

Don't worry, I totally rock it. Just ask Graham. :)

I've been collaborating with some of my favorite women on this exciting project. I'll dedicate an entire post on International Women's Day, periods, service, sisterhood, and just how awesome I think women are (Superheroes, I'm telling you. Superheroes.), but for now just check out the website and pencil in this amazing opportunity on your calendars.

image from mnmlist via stephmodo

I've been thinking A LOT about this. And this. I think "Fall in love with less" is my new mantra.

I spruced up my entryway and took a super crooked picture of it. You're welcome.

I watched this documentary and dedicated an entire day to cooking French food in honor of this hilarious, heartbreaking, and surprisingly gripping film about French pastry chefs. I cried and cheered and was totally engrossed for the entire two hours. If you are super nerdy like me, please watch this film and then come to my house and we'll make gougères together and discuss men who cry over pastries.

Sounds thrilling, right?


how are you, dear friends? well, i hope. i'm happy to be back here, filling this space with my random thoughts and interests, though i did enjoy my little break from the interwebs. have a wonderful day, okay? XO


Emily said...

I don't know, I love everything and I'm ready to cry over pastries, ha! But seriously, I want to scroll through each item and tell you how beautiful and touching the dolly and quilt are (I still haven't quilted, and I'm still planning on it. I'm going to have questions for you). I'm experiencing lamp envy and I always love hearing about women's issues from a compassionate and caring voice (yours!) Why can't you live near me? xo

Kathleen said...

Just stumbled across your blog via a few link-to-link-to-link connections from a homebirth story that a friend was an asst. midwife too :) Love your inspiring words and images! Looking forward to checking in often. :)