-just finished reading just kids by patti smith
-i have a place to crash and a lovely partner in crime
-taking these words as my talisman (thank you, cath. your words make me brave.)
-filling up a happy tote with snacks, new books, and an ipod with old and new favorites at the ready
-watched and loved this documentary
-starting to feel a little anxious about the red eye flight and my oh-so-pregnant body (we'll make it right? right?!)
-still packing...
-a little list of things i must see, but mostly must eat
-wondering how the babes and brian are going to get along - but not too worried

i'm ready. i'm feeling lucky. let's do this thing, kid.

image by Charles W. Chushman via Design Mom


Hayley said...

Have a great time, I love NYC.

Have you read "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer? I think you'd really love it.

I really enjoy your blog, Rachel. It's a beautiful space and I feel safe in it...that must sound weird because I haven't seen you in so long, but your insights and honesty are just...comforting. Thank you for sharing.

Emily said...

whoop whoop!

Rachel Swan said...

Hayley: Thanks for the kind words, I am honestly shocked that anyone besides my husband and mom even read the random stuff I post around here!

I haven't read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close yet, but it's definitely on my list to read soon. I've heard such great things about it.