Beautiful Words

Marta is going to have a baby! I have never met Marta, I've ordered some cards, sent a few emails, and have stalked her blog like crazy, but I've never met her. Yet, I am so excited for her and her new little family! As I was reading her post this morning I found so much hope and happiness in her words, this is my favorite part:

"finding out you're pregnant is a bit like how it might feel to sign up for a marathon. you're not sure quite how you'll be able to manage it. you've never participated in one before. but you want to. you're dying to have the experience. your sisters have done it three or four times! you're not sure if the horror stories are true, but you're quite sure the glory stories are. you hope you'll experience the awe. you've signed up, you're motivated, you're determined. it's gonna happen. you prepare, you train, you get your body ready. you know the date will arrive sooner than you think. you will run your heart out. you will be your best self. you will survive."

As a new mother contemplating baby #2, I was comforted by her words. I often watch mothers with their multiple children in awe, they are showered, sane, and alive ....how is this possible? Motherhood is a beautiful, hard, and powerful calling and I'm happy to welcome Marta into "the club."
Isn't she brilliant? I also think it is safe to say she is a real sweetie, too!

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marta said...

thank you rachel. you are a sweetheart. best of luck on your way to number two. three cheers for you!