Fake Valentine's Day

Brian's work had a romantic, fancy schmancy dinner for him and all of his co-workers on Valentine's Day in downtown SLC, and spouses weren't invited. Which meant that Sela and I hung out all night alone waiting for him to get home. Lame, right?!? So we celebrated V-day in style on Friday night...which was actually GREAT! All of the candyis cheap, flowers are on clearance, and the restaurants are empty. It was perfect. Sela really enjoyed getting her very first Valentine from cousin Leah, she carried it EVERYWHERE!
I really wanted to make Valentine's Day boxes this year, so I decided that since we have Sela and we get a second chance at childhood that we were making them. Brian was really busy with work and said he couldn't think of anything, so I made his as a special Valentine's Day surprise. Not only did I incorporate his favorite hobby and color, but a little class as well(ha). Mine is the Aztec Tomb from Arrested Development and Sela's just kind of looks like an Easter box of some kind. Here is the Valentine that I made for Sela. It's supposed to be an angel, but the wings look a little claw-like. Ooops!
I hope everyone had a happy real Valentine's Day and thanks to everyone that made ours so super special!

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GUNDY said...

I can't believe Brian's work didn't invite spouses on Valentines! I guess it worked out for ya in the end though with the cheap flowers and empty restaurants.... anyways, cool blog. peace.