Happy Hippie Friday: The Sometimes I'm An Idiot Edition

So I love Mackin Ink. Truly, truly. And it seems as though she is taking over Hippie Friday, but in reality I wanted to apologize for the name mishap...her name is Karey, not Karen, and I'm an idiot. So sorry.

But it was on her beautiful blog that I found this video, and it made me so happy that I cried a little. And then I read his website and I laughed a lot. Here's to dancing in public and to smart ladies named Karey.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

1 comment:

karey m. said...

i SWEAR! i never ever care one bit if someone writes my name wrong.

i blame my mom? k-a-r-e-y? i mean, if you don't make it to the y, of course you'd think karen!

karen. karey. who cares? you mentioned me! and that was lovely.

thank you.