When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

a different thing every single day. Seriously. I am so interested in so many things that I really can't decide what it is I want pursue. College was a bit crazy with tons of English and art history classes, anatomy and physiology labs, yoga workshops, environmental clubs, and taking every course they offered in women's studies. Here is a list of all of my "career obsessions," past and present:

-fertility specialist
-yoga instructor
-interior designer
-graphic designer
-textile designer
-wedding planner
-paper maker (?)
-art museum curator
-honey farmer
-fashion icon (if Stacey London can get paid for it, I can too)

As you can see, I have a multiple career personality disorder, and I'm about to add another one to the mix: Interior Stylist. It is no secret that I am infatuated with magazines and my absolute favorite past-time is to pretend that my apartment/future house is going to be featured in ______ (insert any magazine here). I plan out all of my tablescapes, pillow placement, make a mental note of things that I could add to the space, and yes, I am the biggest nerd ever. But all of this "training" might pay-off in the future when I land a super sweet job working with a photographer to create gorgeous glossy magazine spreads. In all seriousness, how exactly does one become an interior stylist? While we are trying to figure out the answer, here is the lovely portfolio of Melanie Molesworth:

all photos are from decor8. Holly also has lots of other interior stylist interviews if you want to check them out!


The Askeroth Family said...

I can TOTALLY see you doing any of those careers! You are so good at all the designing stuff, a talent that I do not have. You would be a great midwife - you should do it! I had a midwife when I had Caleb and I loved her and had the best birth experience ever.

Joslyn said...

what a great post Rachel. interior stylist would be a totally dreamy job. love that first photo btw...would have loved to style that place!