Hello, hello!

We are back.

Oregon was wonderful, beautiful, and absolutely perfectly perfect.

If I ever move to Portland I am NEVER EVER EVER leaving. The second we were within city limits I made a pact with myself to kidnap my family and hold them hostage in that lovely city until the day we die. I want every day to be Powell's City of Books, Voodoo Donuts, berry picking, farmer's markets, Alice in Wonderland re-enactments in the park, and impromptu street festivals. THE CARS YIELD FOR PEDESTRIANS! Even if you look simply like you're entertaining the thought of crossing the street, the kind people of Portland STOP! Can you believe it? Me either. And they recycle. EVERYONE recycles. Not just the crazy lady who's been harping about global warming since before I was born, but the entire city has their glass, paper, and plastic separated and waiting in front of their shops, restaurants, and bars. Portland cares, and it's so great to see.

It is a shiny, pretty, wonderful city that just plain feels good.

Not only that, but Sela was nothing but sugar-coated sunshine every. single. day. I was anticipating awful-coated high pitched screeching with a side of flailing limbs and a fair share of biting. 13 hour car ride and all she did was sing and smile.

Oregon may just be the salvation I've been waiting for.

I have lots of things to share, but I just wanted to say hi.

So, hi.

photo is of Cape Lookout State Park. Taken by yours truly.

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Rockin' Richins Fam. said...

I'm so glad you're back, don't leave anymore. I had withdrawls.