I don't have a Hippie Friday post this week...... I think my grooviness is at an all time low. But I am really excited about my Oregon pictures, so I guess I'll post those:

We borrowed my little brother's new camera for our trip, but the battery died on the first day and he failed to give us the charger....so we had to buy a disposable camera for the rest of our vacation. I couldn't even remember how to take a picture with a manual camera. I have become so dependent on the screen on the back, I kept forgetting to look in the view-finder. But I did like the fact that I wasn't just snapping away, because with only 54 photos, I really needed them to count.

Cape Lookout State Park

Sela dancing at Cannon Beach
The rest are from our disposable camera. These ones are my favorite, I was so shocked that they actually worked out.

Sauvie Island.....yummy berries and the prettiest place in the world.

Happy weekend, folks! I'll see you next week!

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Charity said...

oh my! you did that with a disposable camera? I am so impressed. I think Oregon makes everything beautiful, though, so maybe I'll give the credit to Oregon ;)