soft, a little slouchy, and the perfect shade

I am so over the brightly colored, vinyl covered, boxy excuse for a mom+baby EVERYTHING bag. Seriously. They just scream, "I'm carrying my weight in goldfish crackers and sippy cups, and I'm too overwhelmed to even think of cleaning one more thing."

Most days I totally understand. Some days I wish I lived in a bubble with vinyl jumpsuits, because I'M TOO OVERWHELMED TO EVEN THINK OF CLEANING ONE MORE THING.

But lately, as Sela is gaining more independence, and the amount of baby arsenal I'm lugging is increasingly less, I find myself at a loss. I can't seem to find a decent bag for my lip gloss, keys, wallet, and phone.

So I've been browsing the handbag/tote market, and I am LOVING the knew looks for fall. Just a little slouchy, lots of pockets(good ol' sippy cups), and really soft. But most of them come with a pretty hefty price tag, too. A price tag I can't justify because:
a) we are poor
b) I'm the budget creator+enforcer
c) it still needs to carry wipes and such

Enter Big Buddha purses. So pretty. So soft. So on my wishlist.

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Joslyn said...

i love that white bag! i clicked over to their site and couldn't figure out where to buy or how much??? any ideas?