handmade dolls

This weekend I came across these handmade dolls by Jess Brown, and I've been busy planning how I'm going to make (attempt!) a sweet rag doll for Sela for Christmas. Have you ever made a doll? It seems like the faces would be a little tricky.

While I was "researching" handmade dolls I came across this little shop, Leilalou:

Aren't those little faces so sweet?

how was your weekend, friends? mine was good, although I've been in a particularly grouchy mood the past few days as I've been trying to buy a swimsuit. blah. i really reeeeally dislike buying swimsuits. especially when the only suits i think might work are all online. and from the UK. and i'm leaving for california in less than 2 weeks. BLAH. suggestions? tips? positive affirmations? i need some moral (and literal) support - things are getting pretty desperate around here!


Lacey. Kellen. Beck. said...

These dolls are so adorable! A shame that Beck is a little guy...I'm tempted to make one anyway. Can I just say, I look forward to every post you do! As far as your bathing suit issue- I say you only attend the nude beaches. Problem solved.

Rachel Swan said...

i've been asking brian if he feels it's okay to make baby graham a doll all weekend. it would obviously be a boy doll - maybe even a pirate boy doll. and nude beaches? awesome. it might get a little weird since my mother in law will be in attendance...yeeps!