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Do you read  Kendi Everyday? You totally should. She is super funny, has gorgeous photos, and puts together great outfits. She's inspired me to have a functional wardrobe. Apparently yoga pants, hippie skirts, and that-one-shirt-that-kind-of-works-sometimes (you know the one), are not appropriate for every occasion (what has happened to meeeeee...).

Anyway, check out her blog here. She's really great.

i've decided that instead of having a giant blog roll on my sidebar, i'm going to dedicate a post to my favorite blogs. that way i don't have to keep updating my list + maybe you'll find a new favorite too. oh, and i found a new swimsuit! let's just say its actual brand name is 'Miraclesuit', and i couldn't agree more! Happy Tuesday to you! xo.

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Emily said...

hoorah for miracle suit!!


YOU turned me on to kendi's blog after I had a fashion crisis of sorts and I totally went on a belt shopping spree afterward and felt much better about things. I feel like she dresses in a style, size, and price range fairly comparable to my own. Thank you, I dont think you know how helpful its been + she's adorable and hilarious.