marriage is what brings us together

if i were do to it all again (and i would, in a heartbeat), i could only hope it would be this charming + sweet. Artemis + Nao did an outstanding job with their homemade wedding, and nothing makes my heart happier than that wedding tent.

(psst...as long as we're planning a hypothetical wedding for a person who has already had one, i'm going to throw some gray diamonds in for good measure. pretty close to perfect, right?)

lovely wedding first spotted on 100 Layer Cake and rings via Joanna.


Emily said...

First of all, I've got two obstacles to overcome 1) the idea of marriage (eventually..) and 2) if even if marriage is in the picture, I don't know I would have a wedding (eloping seems more my style)... but, if I got past both of those things: 1. that cake! 2. that tent! 3. those rings!

+ bookmark :)

Rachel Swan said...

Here are my thoughts on marriage and weddings 1)marriage is huge. every time we go to a wedding these days, I leave with a big lump in my throat when I think about how brave two people have to be to promise to take care of each other forever. HUGE, i'm telling you, huge. 2) eloping is so romantic. I love that it's just about you + your partner + the life you will have together. so sweet. and who's to say you can't elope + then have a really cool dinner in a grassy meadow with a killer cake + wedding tent?!? i think it would be perfect.