gastronomical delights

This weekend I made Jora's panzanella recipe + it was so incredibly delicious that I almost ate the entire (ENORMOUS) bowl all. by. myself. Mmmmm...toasty bread, garden fresh tomatoes, + a big handful of fresh basil, I'm telling you, it will blow your mind.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls? The answer to that question is yes. I brought these as a side dish to my friend's lunch party on Sunday (I had originally planned on bringing the panzanella, but I ate it. all of it.). No one complained about the lack of salad + the house smelled AMAZING. I'm excited to make them again. soon (!!!). via stephmodo

And lastly, if I told you how many times I drooled over looked at these S'mores Caklettes this weekend, you wouldn't believe me. Like 15 (ish) times. Desserts for Breakfast is such a great site; sweet name + gorgeous photos...I can't wait to try out their recipes. via simplesong

hello, my dears! how was your weekend? did you make something delicious too? i hope so. hope your tuesday is a good one. ox.

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