crossing things off our winter list : sugar cookies + doing something kind for someone else

We made these pretties on Tuesday night after Sela's joy school play. I love using Angie's recipe from Blonde Designs for sugar cookies - they always turn out perfect. We were planning on bringing these around to some of Sela's friends, but every time I looked at her she had a frosting knife hanging out of her mouth. I'm pretty sure there's more slobber than frosting on these bad boys :)

And speaking of the play, Sela was assigned the part of a wiseman, which resulted in a heroic + lengthy pouting fit, but when I explained she could wear the biggest, gaudiest, rainbowy-est costume, she started counting down the minutes to show time.

There is absolutely nothing sweeter than watching little kids act out the Nativity - those borrowed bathrobes, towel turbans, and much-too-big mama slips get me every single time. I sat with my heart swelling and tears welling as my wisewoman gypsy babe taught me something about wonder and excitement and awe and magic and all of the good and necessary things that make Christmas mean something.

On a completely different + hilarious note, the kids performed their play for residents of a nursing home and you should have seen how terrified they were of those old people. Sela brought a card she had made for the nicest little old grandma you've ever seen. But when that old lady reached out to give Sela a hug, I felt Sela's entire body stiffen + I was sure her eyes were going to pop right out of her pretty little head. Sela wished her a quick + trembly 'Merry Christmas' and ran straight to the door. And then this morning she made me promise not to make her hug freaky ladies she doesn't even know, crazy mom.

hope your week is treating you well, lovies. i'll be seeing you tomorrow. xoxoxo


BriannEm said...

Love!! I wish we could be in two places (or four)at once for the holidays...

Emily said...

you knew that, being your child, she would grow up to be the sweetest rainbow gypsy baby girl right?