diy star garlands

I made these simple star garlands last week + I love how they turned out. My living room feels like an Anthropologie window display, only instead of cute, fancy clothes we are sporting a huge tie-dye t-shirt (Sela), no pants (Graham), and the world's most unflattering yoga pants (Brian, obviously. hehe).

I just took an old copy of Huckleberry Finn that was already falling apart, tore a bunch of the pages out, folded the pages in half + cut out 2 stars per page, and then fed them through my sewing machine to string them all together. Super easy, right?

They look incredibly magical at night when you can't see the strings connecting them together and you can see their shadows on our ceiling.

Here is how they look draped around our living room :


libby said...

I love it. I think I need to do it... this can last all winter, right?

Lacey. Kellen. Beck. said...

So... how do your light colored couches hold up with the kiddies? I want a light color to furnish our new place but have gone back and forth on how practical it would be.

Rachel Swan said...

Libby: I really hope they can, because I'm totally planning on it. Last year I left the doily garlands up until after Valentine's day!

Lacey: I love my white couches! They are perfect for little kids because you can wash them + bleach them if you need to.

Emily said...

love love love! your home is so sweet!