holiday eats

I have a few last gifts to package up this morning, and I thought I'd throw in some of this homemade granola from Sunday Suppers. I love this recipe. It's simple + quick to make, and so so delicious. I like to add a bit of vanilla to the honey + butter mixture and add dried blueberries when it has finished cooling. So yummy + perfect with greek yogurt + a banana if you're nursing a sugar sick tummy ache like me.

Next up, The World's Best Lasagna. And it is. So perfect for those chilly evenings when all you need is a little love in the form of cheese + carbs. The ultimate comfort food. and that sauce? mind blowing. absolutely mind blowing.

I didn't add the Italian sausage, though I can see how that would make it even better, and I use less ground beef because the good stuff is hard to come by around these parts + the packages of "happy" meat I have come in smaller portions. Sometimes I add baby portobellos to beef it up a bit. I also use fresh mozzarella + it makes all the difference.

So...what are you making?

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Emily said...

pretty much the best thing someone could ever give me is melted cheese + carbs. I'm making lots of enchiladas (http://sissyjupe.blogspot.com/2010/05/happy-friday.html) for friends, a lasagne that doesn't look nearly as tasty as your version (which I'm going to try) and pizza for Tyler and myself. see? cheese + carbs = happy.