around the house + fighting the doldrums

Helllooooo, February! Man, was January rough for the Swan household. Lots of sick bodies, teething babies, and a big fat dose of cabin fever for all. I kind of thrive on green and warm and no shoes ever; so, needless to say, my winter heart is feeling a bit weary.

Here are a few things that have brought me a lot of joy lately, maybe you'll find something that will warm your heart too:

-I bought a few new house plants to bring some green to our lives, and I spend many an afternoon with the drapes open wide and the blinds pulled way up watching their leaves follow the sunlight.

-I also found these happy, watercolor-y pillows at Cost Plus a few weeks ago and they kind of remind me of my all time favorite pillows from bluebellgrey ( I really love linen. And pompoms.). They make my heart happy every time I walk into my living room.

- Last week I checked out a big 'ol stack of David Sedaris books, and my out loud belly laughing has kept me nice and warm.

- I bought some new make up about an hour ago and I'm feeling like I just spent the best $25 of my life.

- My yin yoga practice. Deep, slow stretching feels healing and grounding to my restless mind.

- Planning a little project of love for the people I love. I'm working on it today and all I can tell you is that there will be loads of red gingham, a little boy bow tie, and (hopefully!)  the cutie pie smiling faces of my babes.

- Too much chocolate and salted butter caramel (Please, please try this recipe. It will change your life.).

Are you feeling the doldrums too? What kind of things help you pull through the long winter? I would love to steal read your ideas. XO


BriannEm said...

I'm loving the feeling of checking things off my list. I like the feeling of completion and progress. It's too bad it's just administrative stuff and not something awesome... Your kiddos are going to be SO cute.

julia christianne said...

i also LOVE smitten kitchen! have you tried the browned butter rice krispies? twice the butter, but twice the enjoyment!