diane rehm : new dietary guidelines from the USDA

On my way to teach yoga this morning, I caught part of this interview about the new dietary guidelines put out by the USDA. The guidelines were inconsequential, but the panel was fearless, questioning the purpose of the USDA and pointing out the link between government subsidies and processed foods. The questions that came pouring in were smart and direct; it was enough to make my little hippie heart sing.

You can find the entire interview here.

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Emily said...

Can I just tell you that Tyler and I had this conversation in the last 7 days?! Thanks for posting this, I feel like I have all kinds of ammunition :) I miss the DR show, Memphis NPR doesn't have enough money to pay for most NPR programming it's all public domain classical music from the time morning edition ends until all things considered at 5. Ima check out the archives.