the new general store

Tricia Foley's pop-up general stores are so brilliant. I love the whole concept. It would be so fun to put together something like this late in the summer; maybe at our community garden? I could make and sell big linen market totes, fresh veggies and herb bouquets, and some lemon curd and jam.

It would be great to invite local beekeepers, a favorite cafe or bakery, and have a fresh rosemary lemonade stand and homemade ice cream sandwiches. Hmmm....looks like I may have a summer project!

Photos from The New General Store. Please go check out Tricia's website, it's full of gorgeous photos of  past events, info on upcoming events, and even her online shop! First spotted on Chelsea's Frolic!


Anonymous said...

Me! Me! Me! I don't even know what I'd sell but I definitely want in on this escapade. This is the most charming, lovely thing!

Rachel Swan said...

Let's do it. At first I was just writing down nice thoughts about an imaginary market, but I'm pretty sure I want to make it happen.

Could you + your goodies travel to Centerville?